BoatShows February

BoatShows February

by Boatdipity on February 12, 2018

February is Boat Show month…


Cold weather has moved in, what is there to do with the family? Why not spend a day or two at your local boat show. With thousands of square feet of heated convention space it’s a perfect place to dream about warm summer days on the water with friends and family.


Manufacturers, Brokers and Suppliers all are excited to show off their latest lineup of watercraft and electronics for the new season. They also use this time to gage interest in their new models from a manufacturing perspective. Take advantage of show discounts, as you will not get the same opportunity later in the year.


Find your state and then follow the link for a fun day exploring.


Hartford, 8-11 Feb  Hartford Boat Show


Topeka, 2-4 Feb  Topeka Boat & Outdoor Show


Miami, 15-19 Feb  Miami International Boat Show

Miami, 15-19 Feb  Miami Yacht Show


Rockford, 16-18 Feb  Rockford Boat Show
Springfield, 23-25 Feb  The Boat Show

Boston, 10-18 Feb  New England Boat Show

Detroit, 17-27 Feb  Detroit Boat Show

Duluth, 14-18 Feb  Duluth Sport Show

New Jersey
Edison, 15-18 Feb  New Jersey Boat & Sale Expo
Atlantic City 28-4 Feb  Atlantic City Boat Show

New York
Syracuse, 15-18 Feb  Central New York Boat Show

North Carolina
Charlotte, 8-11 Feb  Mid Atlantic Boat Show
Greensboro, 23-25 Feb  Central Carolina Boat Show

Sandy, 8-11 Feb  Utah Boat Show

Richmond, 16-18 Feb  Richmond Boat Show