Best Boat Styles for Towing Activities

Best Boat Styles for Towing Activities

by Boatdipity on May 20, 2018

Looking for a boat that will fulfill all the water activities you and your family have planned? Read our blog to review the best boat for towing sports and then use our activity tool at to find your perfect boat.


You will need to answer a few questions before choosing the boat type that fits your activity level. Maybe an all around boat for tubing, kneeboarding and skiing is what you need. Possibly you want to compete in the many wakeboard or slalom events held in your area. How about a smaller watercraft that you and a friend can wakeboard or ski behind. Take a look these options and start your adventure.


PWC or Personal Water Craft offer portability, lower pricing and safety due to a jet drive system. Three seat models with larger engines allow for most water activities except wake surfing. Cons are limited storage and seating.


Bowrider or Sportboat is a good all around choice for family uses and typically seat 6 or more people. This watercraft is happy spending the day exploring corners of the lake or pulling skiers, tubers or other water toys.  Power of choice can be outboard or stern-drive engines. Cons are the exposed prop in the water entry area and lack of wake for wakeboarding.


Deck boats are a cross between the pontoon boat and bowrider offering better handling and ride characteristics than the pontoon with good forward seating. This is good choice for an active family and handles most watersports. Cons are maneuverability on the larger models and exposed props on most types.


Pontoon boats are built with open spaces in mind so you can grab your family and friends and spend a great day on the water. The basic design of this boat allows for tubing and kneeboarding but due to maneuverability, waterskiing would not be a good choice. Cons are maneuverability, water access and prop exposure.


boats are designed to create a small wake for the skier, which helps in making a smoother transition while carving turns. Props are positioned further under the boat helping keep the skiers out of harms way. A rudder is used for precise steering for tracking straight lines. Swim platforms and center pylons for ski ropes are other features. Designed for expert and professional skiers it can also be used to pull tubers and kneeboarders. Cons are higher cost and small wake.


boats are for boarders that like large wakes when attempting “big air” stunts. These are designed with rear mounted engines, deep v-hulls, ballast water tanks and other devices; all helping create large wakes for the rider. The same safety features found on Ski boats can be found on this model. Most water activities can be performed with this boat. Cons are higher cost and large wakes on models that don’t have adjustability.